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CATEGORY: STELLAR SCALE ALTERNATE NAMES / SIMILAR STRUCTURES: NIVEN RING A Ringworld is an artificial ring in space large enough to maintain an atmosphere and habitable land. The ring spins to create g-forcest and inner walls would hold in the atmosphere. The ring could have a radius roughly

MEGASTRUCTURES CE ELEVATO CATEGORY: TRANS ORBITAL STRUCTURE A Space Elevator is a system for transporting cargo from a planet surface to orbit without the need for large rockets. It consists of a cable (tether) that extends out from the planet into space. It is anchored to the surface of the

(3) MEGASTRUCTURES ERSON DIS rA k CATEGORY: STELLAR SCALE An Alderson Disk is a giant platter, like a Compact Disc, with a thickness of several thousand km (so that it would have a vertical gravitational pull on both sides), and an outer radius roughly equivalent to the orbit of Mars or

MEGASTRUCTURES SNIKOV TU CATEGORY: INTERSTELLAR SCALE ALTERNATE NAMES / SIMILAR STRUCTURES: PORTAL, WARP GATE, JUMP GATE, STAR GATE, HYPER GATE, SPACE BRIDGE, WORMHOLE A Krasnikov Tube is a permanent space warp created behind a spaceship as it travels at near lightspeed to some distant star

MEGASTRUCTURES HKADOV THRUS CATEGORY: STELLAR SCALE ALTERNATE NAMES / SIMILAR STRUCTURES: STELLAR ENGINE The Shkadov thruster (named after Dr. Leonid Mikhailovich Shkadov), also known as a Class A Stellar Engine, accelerates a star through space by selectively reflecting or absorbing light on

MEGASTRUCTURES YHOOK CATEGORY: TRANS ORBITAL STRUCTURE ALTERNATE NAMES / SIMILAR STRUCTURES: LAUNCH ASSIST TETHER A skyhook is a tether attached to a heavy orbiting space station that would help reduce the cost of placing payloads into space. The cable attached to the station would extend

 7) MEGASTRUCTURES CATEGORY: STELLAR SCALE TAR LIFTER A star lifter removes mass from a star for either raw materials or to change the nature of the star itself. For example, you may remove mass from the star to collect hydrogen or other elements. Or you could remove mass in order to extend

IERNAL SPHERE Spin direction Living area on interior Mirrors reflect sunlight through windows on sphere body Lower gravity at poles Factory Radiator Neil Blovins 2017 MEGASTRUCTURES CATEGORY: ORBITAL STRUCTURE ALTERNATE NAMES / SIMILAR STRUCTURES: ISLAND ONE, ISLAND TWO The original

© MEGASTRUCTURES IAS GIANT REFI CATEGORY: ORBITAL STRUCTURE ALTERNATE NAMES / SIMILAR STRUCTURES: CLOUD CITY, AEROSTAT A gas giant refinery is a series of structures that would be suspended in the atmosphere of any gas giant such as Jupiter or Saturn, their purpose would be to harvest large

10 MEGASTRUCTURES CATEGORY: ORBITAL STRUCTURE ALTERNATE NAMES / SIMILAR STRUCTURES: ORBITAL / BANKS ORBITAL / HALO A Bishop Ring is a space habitat similar to but much smaller than a Niven Ring. Instead of being centered around a star, it is orbiting a star or planet, thus has a much smaller


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 ш m ж X \ J г V,innocentprime,Sci-Fi art,Sci-Fi,art,арт,art барышня

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Azcazach,Sci-Fi art,Sci-Fi,art,арт

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Давно ничего не выкладывалю решил вот выложить арт по настолке, которую планирую вести, мир в которой уж слишком похож на ваху 40к.
Арт-клуб,арт-клуб, артклуб,,фэндомы,Sci-Fi art,Sci-Fi,art,арт,Инквизитор

3d art art барышня art alex leier Sci-Fi Girl Sci-Fi art Sci-Fi 

3d art,3d art, 3d арт, 3D art, 3D арт,art барышня,art,арт,alex leier,Sci-Fi Girl,Sci-Fi art,Sci-Fi

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Creatures,art,арт,Sci-Fi,artist,Yuriy Chemezov,Sci-Fi art

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Kevin-Glint,Nahnahnivek,artist,Sci-Fi art,Sci-Fi,art,арт,Nova Prime,Warframe,Игры,Игровой арт,game art,art барышня

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art,арт,Sci-Fi,Sci-Fi art,tsutomu Nihei,красивые картинки

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ANTIFAN-REAL,Sci-Fi art,Sci-Fi,art,арт,космос
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