Genshin Impact фэндомы Mona (Genshin Impact) Furina (Genshin Impact) Kokomi (Genshin Impact) гидробёдра нейроарт нейронные сети 

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Genshin Impact фэндомы Eula (Genshin Impact) Navia (Genshin Impact) 

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Genshin Impact фэндомы Childe (genshin impact) масленница блины еда трапеза 

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Genshin Impact фэндомы Eula (Genshin Impact) Diluc (Genshin Impact) Jean (Genshin Impact) знать Мондштадта квасят сосисочки 

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Genshin Impact фэндомы

An in-depth analysis of Genshin models compared to each other using a
common feature as a reference point
This collection takes a unique approach to character measurements because of how I scale the characters. Each character has a completely unique wireframe with the exception of the face, with
Out of curiosity, characters are alligned with the platforms of their shoes below ground level to estimate their heights without shoes. Detailed height comparisons are taken at these heights, measured at the point of the nose
and with hair removed.
Noelle, Xingqiu, Chongyun, and Zhongli are
Body measurements
To make the comparisons easier to see, the measurements were aligned to one side. Because of this, the difference between measurements is twice as large as that on the model, but everything is still accurate. When needed, groups with long measurements have the same amount