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Рифмовать я не умею ни на русском, ни на английском, однако во втором случае это более-менее простительно да и по тематике подходит. Никто ведь не говорил что стихи должны быть на русском?

Tomorrow fates will be decided,
Tomorrow bull and bear will clash.
And yet with no one have I sided,
Just like this desert I will serve no man.

My tower overlooks the vast Mojave,
I see the legionaries preparing to attack,
I see the troops of the republic marching
To push the eastern tribesmen back.

But hidden underground is my army,
A wild card that’s ready to be played.
The Hoover Dam belongs to Vegas,
And this accursed city now belongs to me.

The Bull? The Bear? It really doesn’t matter,
The beasts of old can’t build a Brave New World.
I’ll silence their annoying chatter,
And will keep following my very Lonesome Road.

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Чеченские горки

Признаться, я давно понял что статистика в нашей стране - дело темное. Вызываю братьев-экономистов, Чеченов и борцов с ними, да и просто реакторчан поделиться теориями о том что за хуйня творится в Чеченстате и что же таки случилось с потреблением в Ичкерии.
meDiua Объем всех продовольственных товаров, реализованных в Чечне за 2014 и 2015 финансовые года (в тысячах рублей) ГОРОДСКИЕ ОКРУГА г. Грозный 11 766 421 37 921 196,6 222,28% г. Аргун 1 933 872 1 317 703,5 МУНИЦИПАЛЬНЫЕ РАЙОНЫ Ачхой-Мартановский 3512012 2 213 574,6 Веденский 1 612

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Ihsahn - Arktis. (2016)

Arktis - новый альбом от Ihsahn, бывшего вокалиста black metal группы Emperor. В качестве приглашенного вокалиста на этом альбоме выступает вокалист группы Leprous, Einair Solberg (который также приходится шурином Исану).

#Metal фэндомы Progressive Metal arcane known/learned little burden песочница Unturning 

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#Metal разное Progressive Metal pain of salvation progressive rock road salt two the deeper cut песочница 

All my life I have been afraid.
All my life scared to lose my way.
All my life led me to today.
The day when I must learn the hardest way.
Every step leading to this day.
The day I learn to lose and fail.

A deeper cut into the flesh of life.
A sharper kind of knife.

A deeper cut into the throat of grey.
Come take me far away.
Come take me far away.
Lead me astray.

The deepest cut will never really mend.
The deepest cut might kill you in the end.
The deepest cut is playing not to win.
It's what you hear in every word I sing.
It's beauty in the ugliest of things.
It's birds that fly with broken wings.

A deeper cut into the flesh of life.
A sharper kind of knife.

A deeper cut into the throat of grey.
Come colors lead the way.
Come colors lead the way.
Into the wild
(Into the wild...)
Into the wild
(Into the wild)
Into the wild
(Into the wild)
Into the wild
(Into the wild)

Today I go beyond control
(Into the wild)
Beyond all purpose, aim or goal
(Into the wild)
To win my soul
(Into the wild)
'Cause today I choose to lose my way
(Into the wild)
To fall and fail
(Into the wild...)
I choose the wilderness today
(Into the wild)

Into the wild...
Metal,Metal,разное,Progressive Metal,pain of salvation,progressive rock,road salt two,the deeper cut,песочница

Devin Townsend #Metal разное Progressive Metal песочница 

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#Metal разное Progressive Metal progressive rock Alternative Metal rishloo living as ghost with buildings as teeth песочница 

Download Rishloo Salutations for free from pleer.com
These are only words and artificial tones
we're just skin and bones playing telephone with things that were probably never said at all
this World is stitched with schemes
where once there was reality
it's hard to reach across the unbelievable distances
between what we really are and who we claim to be
and the Irony Engine isn't lost on me
the shame is that we saw it coming
in the faces of the young among us on crayon and paper drawings
the clearest writing on the wall we could ever ask for
what do they believe?
where are all their fathers? where are all their mothers?
who left them there alone with a television remote like some Philosopher's Stone
figure it out on your own, child
if I still have anything to say, I'll try to make it plain
contrivance is a luxury I don't have in the time that's left before the madness overtakes me
I'm a voice among the voices
the roar of whispers closes in
the point seems to be pointless
and I've forgotten who I am...
Metal,Metal,разное,Progressive Metal,progressive rock,Alternative Metal,rishloo,living as ghost with buildings as teeth,песочница

#Metal разное Progressive Metal leprous mediocrity wins bilateral песочница 

Download Leprous Mediocrity Wins for free from pleer.com
The beautified unspoken words make no sense
Deciphering the shallow mind's consequence
Just see to that all empty thoughts will duplicate
Leaving behind a shitload of things to hate

Re-using sampled values made for me
I buy your manufactured ways to be
Believe the loudest voice will know what's right
The power lies within the will to fight

Take your bets
Make a choice
Sing the song with my own voice
Sober truth
A lie begins
Take your place
Mediocrity wins

Seek comfort in the promise you'll never break
Be sure the ground you stand on isn't fake
Beware interpretations of your mind
By now I realize, at rest I'm blind

Tiresome disputation boring me
Ascending dullness growing exponentially
Digest the essence of what should have won
Antagonistic radical conviction

Given the chance to improvise something new
Driven by lust to free my mind from me and you
Directed inspiration taking over now
Turning my focus over from why to how

And I will never

Take your bets
Make a choice
Sing the song with my own voice
Sober truth
A lie begins
Take your place
Mediocrity wins
LEPROyS BirVlEKVr,Metal,Metal,разное,Progressive Metal,leprous,mediocrity wins,bilateral,песочница

#Metal разное Progressive Metal progressive rock Queensryche qyeensryche operation mindcrime песочница #Music&Atmosphere плейлист 

Operation: Mindcrime by Artem yacenko on Grooveshark

"For a price I'd do about anything

Except pull the trigger

For that I need a pretty good cause"

Здравствуй, Реактор. Сегодня я хочу познакомить тебя с (а кому-то напомнить о) легендарном альбоме американской прогрессив-метал группы Queensrÿche – Operation: Mindcrime. Вышедший в 1989 году, вместе с такими альбомами как Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (Iron maiden), Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II (Helloween), Transcendence (Crimson Glory). ...And Justice for All (Metallica), он по праву считается одним из лучших концептуальных альбомов в мире(и лучшем альбомом данной группы, metalstorm.net называет этот альбом 12ым лучшим за всю историю метала). Этот концепт альбом рассказывает слушателям историю наркомана по имени Никки(Nikky), попавшего в психиатрическую больницу и постепенно вспоминающего факты о своей службе в подпольной антиправительственной организации.

"Religion and sex are powerplays

Manipulate the people for the money they pay

Selling skin, selling God

The numbers look the same on their credit cards"

Подпольная организация, в которую попал наш главный герой, пытается начать революцию в Соединенных Штатах и изменить общественный порядок. Доктор Икс (Dr. X), лидер данной группы, контролирует Никки промывая ему мозги и накачивая наркотиками, тем самым превращая его в послушную машину для убийства. Единственное звено связывающее Ники с реальностью это его любовь к Сестре Мэри (Sister Mary), бывшей проститутке с Таймс Сквер (а ныне церковной служке).

"Don't ever trust the needle, it lies"
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