#Metal фэндомы Novembers Doom Zephyr Doom Metal USA 

Novembers Doom - Zephyr (New Track) (2017)


#Metal фэндомы Cut Up Wherever They May Rot sweden Death Metal 

Cut Up - Wherever They May Rot (2017)


#Metal фэндомы Evocation The Shadow Archetype Melodic Death Metal sweden Death Metal 

Evocation - The Shadow Archetype (2017)


#Metal фэндомы Mahakala The Second Fall Heavy Metal Doom Metal Greece 

Mahakala - The Second Fall (2017)


#Metal фэндомы Рви Меха! жаворонок Folk Metal Russia 

Рви Меха! - Жаворонок (2017)


#Metal фэндомы Replacire Do Not Deviate Technical Death Metal Death Metal Progressive Death Metal 

Replacire - Do Not Deviate (2017)


#Metal фэндомы сделал сам Nightmare house 

Nightmare house

Не так давно LifeHou5e подал идею записать "спид-метал" трек на его старинный текст. 

Не знаю как на счет "спид-метала" но мы с старались.

Lyrics: LifeHou5e 

Music: pkurg

Vocal&Lyrics: Younit13

Nightmare house

You've been searching for the deep inside,

Let your mind to do it right.

You have come to take an answer,

But it will be your disaster.

Welcome to the nightmare house!

Evil's intrigues make you scare,

I can’t breathe, around the stale air.

Try to find the exit, save your life.

Ancient madness starts a strife. 

Hide in a shadows, don't try to fight,

Your mind is doomed, your thoughts ignite.

Welcome to the nightmare house!

Can you control the chaos?

To take the secrets of the ages,

To read the bloody pages,

To make you own decision,

You must pure your vision.

Can you control the chaos?

In the nightmare house...


#Metal фэндомы mastodon Emperor of Sand Progressive Metal 

Mastodon - Emperor of Sand (2017)


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Ritual Day - Devila Grantha (2017)


#Metal фэндомы Svart Crown Abreaction Death Metal Black Metal 

Svart Crown - Abreaction (2017)