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Warframe —  Free-to-play (условно-бесплатный) кооперативный тактико-стратегический шутер от третьего лица с элементами слэшера, разработанный компанией Digital Extremes для PC, XBOX ONE , PS4, Switch.
Основная концепция (персонажи, имена, дизайн уровней) заимствованы из игры Dark Sector.
Игрок управляет членом расы Тэнно — древним воином, который проснулся от векового анабиоза для новых войн, сражений и сопротивлений с враждебными фракциями — Гринир, расой милитаризированных людей-клонов, Корпусом, купеческой гильдией, и Заражёнными. Тэнно используют экзоскелеты, которые называются варфреймами и дают им особые способности.
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Cleo Naturin арт Trinity (Warframe) Warframe Игры 


Valkyr (Warframe) Warframe Игры kretduy blender KGiofha 

 щ Щ " ш Ö ь 1 Ш v ш/ / .,Valkyr (Warframe),Valkyr Prime,Warframe,Игры,kretduy,blender,KGiofha

Warframe Игры Helltaker x Warframe Helltaker Ember Prime Nezha (Warframe) Operator (Warframe) John Prodman 

Helltaker x Warframe Pt2

Ember as Malina

• Ember, the Fiesty Pyromaniac • The hell are you doing here? I should burn you to a crisp just for looking at me, Anyo Corp scum. You just sparked a flame in my heart. Lay off the fireballs and join my harem?,Warframe,Игры,Helltaker x Warframe,Helltaker,Ember Prime,Nezha

and Nezha... 

Warframe,Игры,Helltaker x Warframe,Helltaker,Ember Prime,Nezha (Warframe),Operator (Warframe),John Prodman

Operator-chan as Azazel

• Miss Operator, the Friendly Tenno • By the Lotus! What’s a Corpus Crewman doing in our relay? How strange. I’m just here for the Darvo Deal of the day. Looking for warframes to join my harem.,Warframe,Игры,Helltaker x Warframe,Helltaker,Ember Prime,Nezha (Warframe),Operator (Warframe),John

and finally, John Prodman as the Helltaker

шшш • John Prodman, th .adies, Kuvacakes are ready. Made 1 <•>,Warframe,Игры,Helltaker x Warframe,Helltaker,Ember Prime,Nezha (Warframe),Operator (Warframe),John Prodman


Bremon арт Warframe Игры Valkyr (Warframe) Игровой арт арт барышня 


Bremon,арт,Warframe,Игры,Valkyr (Warframe),Valkyr Prime,Игровой арт,game art,арт барышня,арт девушка, art барышня, art девушка,


Helltaker Helltaker x Warframe crossover Valkyr (Warframe) Ivara Prime Saryn (Warframe) Mesa (Warframe) Mirage Prime Nyx Prime Lotus (Warframe) ...Warframe Игры 

Helltaker x Warframe

Valkyr as Judgement

• Valkyr, the Tormented Berserker • I’M GOING TO TURN YOU INTO CORPUS MINCEMEAT!,Warframe,Игры,Helltaker,Helltaker x Warframe,crossover,Valkyr (Warframe),Valkyr Prime,Ivara Prime,Saryn (Warframe),Saryn Prime, saryn prime,Warframe Saryn,,Mesa (Warframe),Mirage Prime,Nyx Prime,Lotus (Warframe)

Ivara as Modeus

mmim • Ivara, the Unseen Huntress • Come into my cloak where no one can see us. <v) Invisibility really doesn t fit with my playstyle. Absolutely. The Gnneer won t know what hit em .,Warframe,Игры,Helltaker,Helltaker x Warframe,crossover,Valkyr (Warframe),Valkyr Prime,Ivara Prime,Saryn

Saryn as Zdrada

• Saryn, the Toxic Mistress t Oh no! I stole your kill? What are you going to do about it? Damn girl! They don't call you a nuke frame for no reason Reported for ruining my player experience,Warframe,Игры,Helltaker,Helltaker x Warframe,crossover,Valkyr (Warframe),Valkyr Prime,Ivara Prime,Saryn

Mesa as Justice

• Mesa, the Stylish Gunslinger • You’re a decent shot despite not having an aimbot built into ya Can you teach me how to strike all those poses? I'm actually using cheats right now,Warframe,Игры,Helltaker,Helltaker x Warframe,crossover,Valkyr (Warframe),Valkyr Prime,Ivara Prime,Saryn

Mirage as Cerebus

• Mirage, the Mischievous Prankster • Does your harem have enough room for the three of us? It wouldn't be complete without all of you. Actually, let me see if I have enough warframe slots.,Warframe,Игры,Helltaker,Helltaker x Warframe,crossover,Valkyr (Warframe),Valkyr Prime,Ivara Prime,Saryn

Nyx as Lucifer

• Nyx, the Manipulator of Minds • Oh? Another Corpus Crewman who wants to become my slave? I’m actually here to get warframes to join my harem Please crush my head with your thighs r^]i,Warframe,Игры,Helltaker,Helltaker x Warframe,crossover,Valkyr (Warframe),Valkyr Prime,Ivara Prime,Saryn

Lotus as Pandemonica

EXHIBIT A - BEFORE V 1 0 \ V • i \ Я I,Warframe,Игры,Helltaker,Helltaker x Warframe,crossover,Valkyr (Warframe),Valkyr Prime,Ivara Prime,Saryn (Warframe),Saryn Prime, saryn prime,Warframe Saryn,,Mesa (Warframe),Mirage Prime,Nyx Prime,Lotus (Warframe)


ArcAfterdark Khora (Warframe) Warframe Игры Garuda (Warframe) Wisp (Warframe) Nova (Warframe) Ivara (Warframe) Banshee (Warframe) warframe ero 

/ Y ûvtf A,ArcAfterdark,Khora (Warframe),Warframe,Игры,Garuda (Warframe),Wisp (Warframe),Nova (Warframe),Nova Prime,Ivara (Warframe),Banshee (Warframe),Banshee Prime,warframe ero

Kavat Warframe Игры Kubrow Valkyr (Warframe) Saryn (Warframe) Mag (Warframe) Operator (Warframe) Комиксы Imperial_Prime 

 I'VE FOUGHT BESIDE THOUSANDS OF TENNO MY COMPANIONS JOIN ME ON EVERY MISSION SO WHY IS IT THAT I FEEL ALONE? üüSx i S7d b 56d — ■— :r~:=~ :,Kavat,Warframe,Игры,Kubrow,Valkyr (Warframe),Valkyr Prime,Saryn (Warframe),Saryn Prime, saryn prime,Warframe Saryn,,Mag (Warframe),Mag

Mesa (Warframe) Warframe Игры Ivara (Warframe) Комиксы ketrinadrawsalot 

Mesa (Warframe),Warframe,Игры,Ivara (Warframe),Смешные комиксы,веб-комиксы с юмором и их переводы,ketrinadrawsalot

Saryn (Warframe) Warframe Игры Saryn Prime Koyorin artist 

Saryn (Warframe),Saryn Prime, saryn prime,Warframe Saryn,,Warframe,Игры,Saryn Prime,Koyorin,artist


Wisp (Warframe) Warframe Игры Koyorin artist хуманизация 

Wisp (Warframe),Warframe,Игры,Koyorin,artist,хуманизация,humanization

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