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a_shipwright artist fantasy art art Traditional art кольчуга несекретный бондаж 

"That is not a chain mail."


a_shipwright,artist,fantasy art,art,арт,Traditional art,кольчуга,несекретный бондаж


красивые картинки art Fantasy A. Shipwright artist 

No More Seal

You are strong.
You are hideous.
I will abandon the vow of square.
I will abandon the will of sealing.
You will be the first monster that I beat to death.

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ashpwright artist art Fantasy адская редька 

Today I'm gonna cook a whole hell-radish.

ashpwright,artist,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,адская редька


A.Shipwright artist art Sci Fi 

A.Shipwright,artist,art,арт,Sci Fi

A.Shipwright artist Fantasy art 

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a_shipwright artist fantasy art art Traditional art 

Bow, one of the weapons made by men, was a copy of the weapon of Ban Elsir, the god who killed the most shadows in the First War.

 The mechanism of the weapon was different from the original, but men were satisfied that they could kill each other.

^.Çhipwjgbb,a_shipwright,artist,fantasy art,art,арт,Traditional art


A. Shipwright artist Fantasy art некромант Traditional art длинопост 

Their Stories

A.SHlPWWGrtT,A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

"Hey young man. This is not the closest way to the Bulgewater County. You better choose the west road of the Wisteria Crossroad."
"Oh look at this thick skin. Everybody's waiting for their turn and now you want to get buried in such nice place far far away?
Hey, you better go to my grave plot. It's much closer and so beautifu..."
"I heard your goddamned hometown story for hundreds of times that my ossicles almost worn out, ma'am.
Why don't we just shut up for this painful journey? You can have some talks with the devils after burial."
"Your sister's pelvis was so huge that even three baby skulls could go through the hole."
"That bastard is talking shit again. I heard he was mental and still barking like a dog even after brain fluid dried out."
"My jaw! Where is my jaw! I can't eat without my jaw!"
"His jaw was gone sucking dragon dick."
"This rude boy is ignoring me again! I told you Bulgewater County is not this way..."


They Talk Too Much

A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

"I told you not to go this way."
"Hey lad. Your fighting stance is awkward as hell."
"Your mama's tit was so huge that her ribs were bent."
"He's so nice as always. Drop me off here."
"We're dead! We're all dead. All because of that stupid gravekeeper!"
"Where is my jaw?"
"When I was young, I found no monsters as ugly as this one."


They Still Talk

A. Sb'pwrigbl,A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

"Amazing, lad! Transforming our remains into spirit form, what a magic!"
"If I didn't know you, i would have thought that you were trying to kill us all! I know this sort of sorcery, and they use this spell to destroy the undeads."
"Your mama's spine is so bent that you can use it in math class as protractor."
"Good to be together as always. It's hard to find nice lad like this fellow these days."
"Where is my jaw? I can't find my jaw!"
"Huh! You call this a magic! Back in my days..."
"Hey young man, do you even hear me?"


Take Them Please

 i щ А ’ V ИР*?2/ \'ЯШ JW г к Я И *- о i,A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

"Mortal. I ask you to yield one of those heads."
"I can't."
"You cherish life of the deads more than yours? How touching."
"No really. I can't."


Put Your Hand on My Shoulder

‘Ä.Sfyip^rvicrtt,A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

"Hey young lad. You're just passing by that poor giant's body and you call yourself a gravekeeper?"
"Knock it off you bloody dotard."
"Haha! We heard you talking back to our word! Today's a special day!"


The Protectors

A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

I hear dead people.
And they never fxxking shut up.


Dead Men Tell A Lot of Tales

A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

"That's a mighty fine necromancy, summoning the dead severed arm!"
"And he didn't raise us from dead with such skill."
"Where is my jaw."
"If we knew he could do that we would've never apologized him."
"I mean, it's pretty absurd to blame us for dragging monster's attention by our chatter. It's monster that cut off his arm, not us."


Manga Style Necromancy

A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

"Fight with me."
"Wait, we never agreed that."
"I will never forget you."
"I said we never agreed that."
"You motherf-."


"Your Move, Old Man."

A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

"Look at that ruddy bastard grabbing old man's head."
"Where is my jaw."
"Back in my days, even rudest of all showed respect to the elders.
Kids these days ignore the aged men and their wisdom.
Back in my days, no one would've allowed this to happen.
The kings had to get off their horse to salute me on the road."
"When yer mom rolled on the pen with the pigs."
"Where is my fxxking jaw, you bloody ruffians."



^hipiuriqW-,A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

Even though the sword is broken dead, I can call its soul back.
Arm is the most basic type of shield.
My revived arm will be a shield.
This is my necromancy.


Starved Pistol of Diliworth

A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

Starved Pistol of Diliworth.
One of the haunted relics made by infamous weapon inventor Godin Elwiv of Eldrian two centuries ago.
The soul of people who were killed by him is stored inside.
Danger Rank High. Never touch.
P.S. My dear pupil who never ever read nor listen to my words.
I leave this postscript for I thought you would've ignore that warning.
At least don't fire this pistol twice.
The chance of it taking user's soul increases geometrically on the second fire.



A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

"Old man. Sword."


You Must Fly

ASkowriaht,A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

"Damn, I'm terribly sorry lady.
This is what my necromancy do.
Look at my arm. Revived in strange form of my true nature.
I guess your soul looks like a fish, swimming freely in the air.
At least you can fly instead of having normal leg oh what the hell am I talking about. I'm really...
Oh... Uh... I guess you like it.
Thank you."


One is Gone

A.SVïipw!ôW qQqQq,A. Shipwright,artist,Fantasy,Fantasy art,art,арт,некромант,Traditional art,длинопост

My masters, all six of them, told me not to talk to the deads.
The deads never come back to life. That's undeniable truth. The truth that people left behind want to deny so much.
The soul of the dead leaves this world over the curtain of our realm forever.
What we call ghost is just an embodiment of remaining thought, emotion, or memory of the deads.
That's why they cannot talk normally, always want though need nothing, and stick to something obstinately.
It is difficult to remove them peacefully unless you follow certain rules and process originated from the deceased.
The deads are not the ones you knew.
Now I can understand why they taught me that over and over again.
It is obvious how I'll react to the false hallucination of my masters when they pass away.


ashpwright artist Traditional art art Fantasy длинопост 

Summon Your Scromon

Elza Highmoor of Elmwood College only tames cute and beautiful Scromons like her.

ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост


The new theory has shook the entire Soulogy Academia: 'the remnant soul still remains inside the bones.'
It was proven that the soul of the deads can never return to the land of the livings,so the matter of 'what makes the undeads become alive again' was always in controversy.
Now the new theory that presented an innovative answer for the problemis expected to revive the human experiment on Eldrian City since the arrest of Headhunter.

 < <4.,ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост

Gudrun the Snakehead

Gudrun the Snakehead owned the golden hair of the goddess.
She didn't choose the path of the queen to sharpen the swords for men,but the road of the warrior to fight bear and wolf.
She feeds the blood. To her sword, and to her hairs.
She abandoned the path of queen, but she takes men for herself.

ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост

Dragon Breaker

In the Age of Space Discovery, there were warriors called the Dragon Breakers among the Vikings of the Northern Galaxies.
They ride on small attack ships, and destroy the enemy's hull with a sword and their strong body.

5î.SbjpuirifJnt-,ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост


Grelod Stoneskinned was the true shieldmaiden.
For 157 years of her fighting,
No weapons ever made it to her skin.
No love could ever make it to her heart either.

V- V O^prmigttt < <,ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост


Bloodthirst Butterfly that stares and scares its natural enemies has perched on Sir Georg's nose.

ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост

Bursted Out

Too many tattoos. They will explode.
Morgan Wallas the Bane of July proves that.
It's a miracle that his body has maintained its form.
His mind is far beyond that of humanity, for it still exists in our realm.
However it's only a past tense since he already went crazy.
The magic that has escaped and overgrew his skin brought chaos to Eldrian City.
We can never know if it was his own will or the will of the oppressed magic.

 т»ззи U», Ir Ы. Л9 mm* Qn&nr 's*,ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост

How to Tame Your Scromons

Scromons were the friends of humanity all over the world, and we have sealed them in many different ways possible.
Scroll is uncomfortable by its weight and size,
but you can add more info with plenty of space, a good place for Scromons to live.
Bujeok (asian paper talisman) makes you summon and seal Scromons easier and faster, but it provides a cramped and uncomfortable space for Scromons, making them hard to grow and evolve.
Disk, which is the new sealing tool made by data, had huge capacity despite its small size but also had bugs that can create horrible disasters.
These tools were part of magic. That means there's no superiority and inferiority between them, but only advantages and disadvantages.
The monsters were named after their sealing items, and that gave them many names in history.
Slatemon, Bone Beasts, Scroll-Mon, Talismon, Parchmon, Kipumon, Diskmon, and etc.
But now we just call them Scromons.

ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост

Blazing Heart

Sir Gunleif never cries.
The fire comes out from his eyes.
He's always burning with fury.

V« ч/ < < о,ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост

Corpse Tactics

"Your mission is not breaking the walls, nor killing the king.

That city can not be torn down by the power of men, not even dead ones.

You must hide until we flood the city.

Then you have to swim in the water that sank the food storage and the house of healing."

ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост

Loyal Staff

It was the custom of the Ramboerg Dynasty to keep the king's wisest adviser closest.

ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост

Ressa the Handless

If you have captured the wizards, do not cut off their hands.
Their magic doesn't come out from hands, but from predestined fate and their spirit that transcends humanity.
No one can stop their spell unless their life was taken.
Cut off their heads.
Forget the story of Rogbær the Headless.

ashpwright,artist,Traditional art,art,арт,Fantasy,Fantasy art,длинопост


песочница арт Мрачные картинки пост из чистилища a_shipwright artist 

Legendary Scromon

песочница,арт,Мрачные картинки,пост из чистилища,a_shipwright,artist

A.Shipwright artist Sci-Fi art 

The Age of Space Frontier

In the period of technology higher than ever,

the swordsmanship began to require much more multidimensional movements. 


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