песочница велосипед вело велоспорт видео лес Природа 

I can not understand why ligarde are rare . After I began to ride it I realized how comfortable and fast it is even where a recumbent bike is inferior to the usual one in cross country you can still drive if you are not an extreme rider who does not need the road in General.

песочница urbex заброшенные места видео сталк 


песочница urbex сталк видео заброшенные места 

At the request of subscribers, I made a small video about my Stalker equipment, this is the main kit that is always with me on outings.

панорамная съёмка сталк песочница видео 

Walk through an abandoned industrial zone and its underground utilities. I was really surprised by the abundance of sounds made by dead buildings and stalactites growing in tunnels.

песочница видео сталк заброшенные места urbex 

I did not expect the scale of the catacombs and of course got lost there...

urbex песочница видео 

Hiding from stalkers and looking for a passage to the catacombs...


urbex Заброшка панорамная съёмка сталк песочница видео 

If you plan something, then everything will surely go wrong.
  I expected to study the underground communications of the last location I visited.
  But along the way, I noticed an electrical substation feeding this complex.
  Without hesitation, I jumped off the road to explore this place.

Do you like extra first-person footage and is it worth adding them to new videos?

пирография зделал сам выжигание по дереву арт девушка art песочница 

Do not judge strictly my experience is zero)

пирография,зделал сам,выжигание по дереву,арт девушка,art,арт,песочница

urbex заброшенные места видео сталк песочница 

I don’t even know how to briefly describe this huge place. Buildings, hangars, underground communications, it can be compared to a ghost town.


urbex video заброшенные места сталк песочница 

The next location where I got, consisted of many rooms and corridors similar to a maze. Peeling paint moisture and cramped aisles. All this reminds locations of the silent hill game.

In the description below the video there is a panoramic version of 360 °