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#Хейтдом красивые картинки битва гей космонавт нацизм Цветные лошади упоротость рептилоиды удалённое ...арт разное рептилоиды-коммунисты как сказал бы Dalvus эспумизанистость генерал Грант Gruntchovski Transfatylvania француз нацист коммунисты зло коммунизм 

Генерал Грант vs Гей-француз-нацист-космонавт

Хейтдом,Hatedom,разное,Transfatylvania,генерал Грант,арт,красивые картинки,Gruntchovski,битва,гей,француз,нацист,космонавт,зло,нацизм,Цветные лошади,упоротость,коммунизм,коммунисты,рептилоиды,рептилоиды-коммунисты,как сказал бы Dalvus,эспумизанистость,удалённое

#Хейтдом разное Transfatylvania 


#Хейтдом разное Transfatylvania 


#Хейтдом разное Transfatylvania пониеб не переводил 

Суть брони , вкратце.


#Хейтдом разное Hindenburger Transfatylvania 


Oh when I was just a lad
I had a dream that I would own
The single greatest burger joint
The world had ever known

I climbed the corporate ladder
And caused a couple of world wars
Then in 41 the Hindenburger
Opened up its doors!

My competition in the states
Proved to be quite tough
And I knew the average burger
Just wouldn't be enough

Then one day I got an idea
As genius as could be
To grind up pretty ponies
In the burger recipe!

I puréed all the ponies
And I Massacred the mares
And served them to my customers
Who were completely unaware

I Fry up the little bastards
The taste is quite distinct!
I'll make patties out of ponies
until they go extinct!

So now you know my story
And I hope you did enjoy
Take a meal home to the kiddies 
With a Hindenburger toy!

Come down to the Hindenburger 
Where ponies are a Treat 
Because at the Hindenburger
You are what you eat!

I'm gonna
Yodel-edel-ate-EAT YOU!

Yodel edel ate eat you!
Yodel edel ate eat you!

And when the ponies are a memory
And you are big and fat!
We'll just make burgers out of characters
From Bee and Puppycat!



#Хейтдом разное Transfatylvania 



Transfamiiania aná йогтн Korea is Везт Trans faTíiiiania anô Korea.,Хейтдом,Hatedom,разное,Transfatylvania

Hail Transfatylvania, land of fat and grease
Our diet and Lack of Exercise make us all obese
We Salute the Blue and Black
Even through a heart attack!
a country built on hate and lies
all other countries we despise!
Hail Hail Hail!

Oh Transfatylvania, Her mountains strong and tall
From the barbed wire fence to the firing squad, our country has it all! 
Our industry is Number one ,
In exporting pollution!
Our mighty army fights for us
The water here is poisonous!
Hail Hail Hail!

Hail Transfatylvania, Land of deep fried cheese.
We're friendly with everyone on earth except the Japanese 
Their cartoons are really bad
They make us all very mad
we hate Ponies, and their fans
And all of the Kardashians!
Hail Hail Hail!

#Хейтдом разное Transfatylvania честно сжиженно Какая-то хуйня с тегами 

Long Live General Grunt, Leader of the State
Not a Single Scale on Earth Can calculate his weight

He is Brave and Strong, Glorious and true!
Death to Pretty Pink and Purple, Power to the Black and Blue!

Long Live General Grunt, a Fearless Soviet
He invented Bigfoot and the Television Set!

For the motherland, our mighty leader strives,
Crushing all his opposition and their puny little lives!

Long Live General Grunt, He fights for you and me!
Marching onward to a most triumphant victory!

Grunt will fix the world, support his master plan!
Unless you want to be exploded from here to Uzbekistan!
Хейтдом,Hatedom,разное,Transfatylvania,честно сжиженно,Какая-то хуйня с тегами

#Хейтдом разное anti my little pony Transfatylvania пониебы цветные кони 

Until they learn the bronies will burn!
Transfatylvania: Where evil kicks the shit out of good.
Хейтдом,Hatedom,разное,anti my little pony,Transfatylvania,пониебы,цветные кони

#Хейтдом разное adventure time hate Transfatilvynua Transfatylvania 

Хейтдом,Hatedom,разное,adventure time hate,Transfatilvynua,Transfatylvania

#Хейтдом разное anti my little pony пониебы цветные кони Transfatylvania яд свадьба принцессы Каденс и Шайнинг Армора 

Хейтдом,Hatedom,разное,anti my little pony,пониебы,цветные кони,Transfatylvania,яд,свадьба принцессы Каденс и Шайнинг Армора
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