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красивые картинки art Мрачные картинки Guang-Yang 

Immortal, Freedom

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Аннотация от автора:

You can see a pair of huge monument erected from the backside of the skeleton, which looks a bit like Bixi——dragon 's son in Chinese mythology. Below this “Bixi” part of the skeleton, the squatting posture seems to be caused be the pressure from the monument like wings. The figure is almost like a metaphor of mythical characters who struggle for freedom while bearing the burden of immortal glory, cannot escape the fate and enventurally turn in to lifeless fossil. The figure also can be seen as those who have wings  and yearning for freedom, sealed in permanently and become a memorial of liberty and freedom. I am fascinated by the tragic aesthetics.

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Guang-Yang Guang Yang Мрачные картинки красивые картинки туман 

The Silence of predawn fog

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Guang-Yang красивые картинки Мрачные картинки Sci-Fi art 


Guang-Yang,красивые картинки,Мрачные картинки,Sci-Fi,art,арт

Guang Yang Guang-Yang art красивые картинки Мрачные картинки 

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Guang-Yang Мрачные картинки красивые картинки 

Guang-Yang,Мрачные картинки,красивые картинки

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The Gate Of the Dead

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