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Вольное продолжение от Bendzz-а. Эрик испытывает все "прелести" рабского ошейника на своей шкуре.
No no you're still the boss, for realsy! But oh my, all that painting really gave you impressive dusting form! *Giggle*Thank you Nora! ...Er, I mean-Oops! Don't miss those top shelves! You want to do a good job now, right Erica? Y- Yes Miss Nora, of course! I'll get right on those! And do try


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Master Eric, it's almost like you're trying to see through
my panties...
could them
• t •,Bendzz,Twokinds,разное,kathrin


Bendzz transfur transformation Gender bender Link The Legend of Zelda фэндомы #Фуррятина разное LoZ ero 

Bendzz,transfur,transformation,Gender bender,Link,The Legend of Zelda,фэндомы,Фуррятина,разное,LoZ ero


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Run along and find your dress, little maid.
*giggle*,Bendzz,Twokinds,разное,keith keiser,transfur,transformation,Gender bender,mind control,hypnosis


Bendzz #Twokinds разное transfur transformation Gender bender keith keiser 

Prancing around half naked, flirting with everyone, promiscious all through the year-And trying to use it to get out of trouble, to make a ,	mockery of our judicial system!	.
I swear if Flora doesn’t have . i something respectable to wear in here I’ll drag her by the tail to a-
Why are Keidran


Bendzz transfur transformation furotica furry фэндомы furry art furry dog furry jackal furry f ...furry canine 

Look, Pharah, dogs!
Don’t call out to them, Mercy
That - that’s a tail, isn’t it?
Mercy, you... You don’t look human anymore What? What... Do I look like?
Gott im Himmel, my suit!
Mercy! Have you no shame?
Phar-aarrf/Are you alright?
I’m fine, Mercy! YIP I said I was fine! - grrrrrr. Can


Bendzz transfur Gender bender furry dragon удалённое 

You roll an uber crit fail on the dragon’s trap!
Your knight character starts to change!,Bendzz,transfur,Gender bender,furry dragon,удалённое


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