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Все что вы хотели знать о драконах но боялись спросить.

Руководство для художников.

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

 DRAC0P6DIA rr Hi c DRAGONS An Artist's Fielt> Guibe anD draining Journal William O'Connor IMPACT CcsC^NATl Cfi>0 www. i mpact-books.com,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

Introduction 6 Drawing Materials 8 Digital Painting Tools 10 Acadian Dragon Dracorextis acadius Great Dragon of the rugged Maine seacoast 12 Icelandic Dragon Dracorexus reykjavikus Great Dragon of the frozen north 28 Scandinavian dragon Dracorexus songenjjordus Cobalt and azure-scaled

Chinese dragon Dracorexus cathidaeus Majestic dragon king of Asia and the Yellow Sea elwah dragon Dracorexus klallaminus Majestic dragon god of the Pacific Northwest Appendix 1: Dragon Taxonomic Chart 142 Appendix 2: Dragon Anatomy Appendix 3: Dragon Flight 146 Appendix 4: Dragon Poses

IntrodutMU] CaKceU To help me on my journey 1 recruited the aid of my faithful apprentice, Conceil Delacroix, whom 1 met while he was studying art history at the College of New York. For several years Conceil has been a great help in my studio in New York. Fluent in English. French and Italian,

^»weoaggooooeQaiegciy/xcacc^caaa^^ INTRODUCTION . i There are over one thousand species of dragons living on all seven continents and in each of the four oceans of the world. Most of us have seen many of these animals in zoological gardens or nature museums, and some of you may even keep

NG MATERIALS: WORKING IN THE FIELD When working as an artist in the field, weight is of paramount importance. Everything you need will have to he :ed in as there are no art supply stores in the back country. Here’s a checklist of typical gear Conceil and I will carrying on the expedition: □

Overhand Grip This grip is a common way to hold the pencil white sketching and is good for shading. Hold the pencil in a way that Is most comfortable for you. Clutch Pencil and Lead Holder When traveling this is my drafting tool of choice, usually consisting of metal casing with a claw at one

Digital Painting TOOLS Today there is a wide variety of tools available to the digital painter. Adobe* Photoshop' and Corel“ Painter " are the most commonly used and available combined with either a tablet or a tablet monitor as well as a keyboard and mouse. Setting yourself up with the tools

Tablet and Stylus Tablets range in size and go up exponentially in price as they go up in size. I use a medium-sized tablet since it fits comfortably onto my tablet easel. Today there are tablet-screens, but for me they have not become cost effective yet. Notice that I have the tablet propped up

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

X. SPECIFICATIONS Classification: Draco/Aero-dracoforme/Dracorexidae/ Dracorexus/D.Acadius Size: 50' to 75' (15m to 23m) Wingspan: 85' (26m) Weight: 17.000 lbs. (7700kg) Recognition: Bright green markings, feathered frill plumage, nasal and chin horns on males: pale green and yellow markings

 Acadian Expedition Before leaving on our expedition to see Acadian green dragons in the wild, Conceil and 1 made a stop to see the country’s most famous dragon in captivity, Phineus. Fort Tryon Park Zoo in upper Manhattan is home to Phineus, a 140 year old Acadian green dragon that has lived in

The WlndDragon Our home for the Acadian expedition was a one masted sailboat, the WindDragon. This 19th century sloop allowed us to navigate around the archipelago of Acadia National Dragon Preserve to observe and draw the dragons that live there. Phineus, who had been living in a small cramped

11" I begins looking for a new lair where he begins a family of his own. Green dragons are extremely long lived, with the oldest specimen, Mowhak, having been first reported in 1768. The hibernation habits of the Acadian green dragon contribute to its longevity. It is believed that a dragon may

Acadian Green Dragon Plumage The Acadian green dragon is one of the few Great Dragon species that has feathers. The male produces bright display plumage to attract females. The nasal bom grows brighter red during mating season. Tite female dragon has dull, mottled colors to camouflage herself.

Behavior The Acadian green dragon, like its other Great Dragon cousins, makes its habitat along rocky shorelines. The mary diet of the Acadian is the prolific whales and cetaceans of the North Atlantic Ocean, especially killer and t whales that migrate to the southern waters in the fall, male

 Mating Dances The dragons of Acadia put on dramatic mating dances using complex songs and wing displays. At night their fire light illuminates the sty. Overlooking Shores A large male surveying his terntory. Males fluff their feathered frills and make elaborate throaty songs that echo across

History The first recorded account of a green dragon was in 1602 when English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold, while mapping New England, reported sighting “a large dragon species inhabiting many of the harborsIt is under stood that dragons had lived for millennia along the New England coast line of

7foe Green. Mwwvtaut Lodge Captain Winslow has been a fountain of information regarding the history of the Acadian green dragon. We have spent many hours cruising the beautiful islands being regaled by his stories. He tells us that at one time Cadillac Mountain, which stands about 1,500‘ (457m)

DEMONSTRATION Acadian Green Dragon Back in my studio, I begin to plan a large-scale painting of the Acadian green dragon. 1 start by going through the dozens of sketches and studies 1 executed on Mt. Desert Island. I then sketch a rough design to establish a basic balanced composition that will

2 Do a Final Drawing Once you've established the basic silhouette and forms of the design, flesh out the details of the dragon and add other elements of interest to finalize your composition. It's here that the anatomy studies done on location in Marne come in handy. In my initial design I had

 TUTORIAL: DRAWING BASICS The pencil is no doubt the first and the most important drawing implement the artist can employ, especially when young and first learning. While in Maine studying dragons, Conceil, my apprentice, was fascinated by this simple tool and asked me to show him a few of the

5 Establish the Underpainting Create a new layer in 50% opacity Normal mode. Rough in the color palette, giving each object a generalized local color, then work on the interrelation of the orange sunlight filtering through the translucent green wing. 4 Set Base Color Transform your sketch from

6 Lay In Shadows Lay down a 50% opacity Multiply mode layer and establish shadows to help unify the dark forms. Refine the Background Begin refining the background elements. To keep these forms in the background, use low chroma and contrast and generalize the details. This helps establish the

8 Add the Foreground Details and Finishing Touches Render the details on the dragon. At this stage colors become more saturated, brushes become more opaque, the contrasts increase and the brushes get smaller. Note that as the yellow light passes through the green wing, a saturated yellow-green is

Dracorexus reykjavikus SPECIFICATIONS Classification: Draco/Aero-dracoforme/Dracorexidae/ Dracorexus/ D. reykj aviku s Size: 50' to 75' (15m to 23m) Wingspan: 85 (26m) Weight: 20.000 lbs. (9000kg) Recognition: Markings range from pure white to mottled brown, depending on the season: broad

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

Icelandic Expedition Conceil and I arrived in Reykjavik, Iceland, to continue our adventure drawing the Great Dragons of the world and study the great Icelandic w'hite dragon. We were met by our Icelandic dragon guide Sigurd Nitlheim who is both a professor at the Icelandic Museum of Natural

0«ä ¿fetykiti Olafsvik ICELAND Reykjavik,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

Biology Ranging as far north as Greenland, as far west as Prince Edward Island, Canada, and as far southeast as the Orkney Islands in Scotland, the Icelandic white dragon has been known to come into contact with the Acadian, Welsh and Scandinavian dragons. The most famous encounter, of course,

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

O300000P0OP&90C0CCOQ9Q0OS0P0PQP3000000COSO3O5CCOPa3O3O9SGOCCCOPP000Qg»SO0000CCO0CO0P900CO0CCg0C0O0P9CO0S»a9CipgS'aS Behavior Unlike most other Great Dragons of the world, the Icelandic white dragon is so prolific that competition for premium nesting grounds is fierce. Males often spar in the

 «#№№№№? Mating Habits The male Icelandic white dragon has a largo wattle under its chin that turns red during the mating season. As part of its display, he is able to Inflate the wattle; combined with its loud calls, fire beacons and wing displays, wtiat a dramatic sight! Soaring The

Viking Masthead, Circa 500 a.d. The Icelandic white dragon must have harassed early Viking explorers of Iceland. The Olafsvik Dragon Museum has a wonderful collection of early Icelandic objects Including this early masthead. Courtesy of the Clafsvik Dragon Museum. Ice Horn The early Nordic

Confrontations With Narwhals ThrouglKnjt history, the most famous of all the Icelandic white dragon's prey has been the enigmatic narwhal. Living within the extreme northern range of the Icelandic white dragon, the nar whal is one of the few animals in the world that has evolved a natural defense

■kt DEMONSTRATION ICELANDIC WHITE DRAGON When planning a painting of the Icelandic white dragon, itemize the qualities of the dragon that have been learned through the previous studies: • White markings • Arctic environment • Large delta wing design • Broad skull horns and dramatic upward

2 Complete the Preliminary Computer Sketch Working with your computer, create a sketch in a Photoshop grayscale document. Refer to your thumbnail design to begin the painting. This preliminary sketch phase is for general placement of the main figure to see how it is balanced in the format. Note

TUTORIAL: WH ITE-ON-WHITE When working in my studio on the painting of the Icelandic white dragon, 1 was reminded of a day in Iceland. Conceit Niflheim and I were socked in on the slopes of Mt. Snaefellsjokull during a terrible snowstorm. Spending our time sketching in the shelter as the snow

3Add Shading and Value Variation Gradually develop the anatomy and design of the dragon on top of your preliminary sketch. Use shading and value variation since the white-on-white palette will be fairly limited in hue. The values of the shapes and their contrasts against their adjacent shapes

cr 5 Establish Color Change your digital file mode to RGB and shift the color balance to any color you want to enhance your underpainting. 6 Continue Developing Color Work in semitransparent layers over your underpainting—also known as ébauche. This is the same whether working traditionally or

7 Render the Final Details At this point all forms of color and value relationships are established, as well as all of the compositional design elements. It is now time to render all of the details of the final painting. The palette uses rich colors, opaque paint and the finest detail brushes.

 Scandinavian Dragon S Dracorexus songenjjordus 44,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

Classification: Draco/Aero-dracoforme/Dracorexidae/ Dracorexus/D.songenfjordus Size: 50' to 100' (15m to 30m) Wingspan: 75' to 85* (23m to 26m) Weight: 20.000 lbs. (9080kg) Recognition: Bright blue markings on males (subtler on females); elongated snout; paddle rudder on tail; canard wing

Scandinavian Expedition From Iceland we moved eastward on our World Dragon Expedition to Scandinavia. Conceil and I arrived safely in the city of Bergen, Norway, on our next leg of the adventure to study the great Scandinavian blue dragon. The city of Bergen is the cultural capital of Norway,

Tagging Dragons for Research Following a dragon's movement throughout a year is important to Dr. Freyason s research. It Indicates where the most common feeding grounds are. aids in an accurate census and helps support the theory that males do the majority of the hunting while females tend to

cetaceans, makes The Scandinavian blue dragon is a broad-ranging species down to make lairs as far south as Scotland, east into Russia, and even as far west as the Faroe Islands (thus bringing ; blue dragon into occasional contact with white and dragons). The plentiful populations of seals,

 Color Variations The famous blue dragon of Norway Is not always blue. The Scandinavian dragon possesses the widest range of coloring among individuals and regions, even changing throughout the seasons. Patterns and colors on these males make identification easier for scientists. Scandinavian

aydssfesfigfi Behavior herring. The extinction of the European wyvern in the late 19th century, combined with whale hunting controls in the late 20th century, has helped to \m, l dramatically increase the number of Scandinavian blue dragons. ki. As such, they have the highest conserva- i tion

Hunting Soaring high over the North Atlantic coast of Norway, the Scandinavian blue dragon can glide for hours searching the ocean for pods of whales and schools of fish. Fishing The long thin snout on the Scandinavian blue dragon allows it to agilely hunt fish at the water s edge. Although all

¡wnat#.w-tew+++* * * *+++*+*++*++++* 0t randinavian blue dragon has not posed much of it to humans despite living in close proximity for •ies. The dragon has been regarded by Scandinavian es as a creature of great magic and power and was ularly revered by early Nordic and Viking cultures, the

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

DEMONSTRATION Scandinavian blue Dragon In my studio I am able to begin working on my final painting of the Scandinavian blue dragon. Referencing my journal notes and sketches, I try to develop a painting that will exhibit this beautiful animal to its best. It is helpful to itemize the features

J7] 2 Complete the Preliminary Computer Sketch Once you have settled on a basic design, begin your computer sketch using a stylus and tablet. Use simple chisel and round brushes while sketching to replicate the aesthetic of pencil drawing and broad paintbrush washes. At this point work in

TUTORIAL: COMPOSITION Composition is the fundamental arrangement of elements that make up a work of art. The goal in painting, as in music, dance or any other art form, is to create a composition that is balanced. Too much of one thing or another can throw off the arrangement and make the work

3Add the First Layer of Details Once you're satisfied with the design of the painting, double the dpi to 300, allowing you to work In close and render all the little tiddly bits and fjords that are so much fun. Detailing the wings and scales helps make the animal much more

5 Add a New Layer of Color Apply a new layer of semiopaque paint (ébauche) over the underpainting, applying a local color and some added texture to the forms in the image. Blocking in a color, ébauche is done with broad simple brushes in a 50% opacity normal mode. 6 Add Texture and Deepen the

***** 7 Add the Details Deepen the colors and render the details of the dragon’s face and body. Don't forget that little dot of white to make his eye look wet. How do you paint a dragon? One brushstroke at a time. There are no shortcuts or filters or tricks you can use to get the effect you

 TT WELSH DRAGON Dracorexus idraigoxus SPECIFICS IO\S Classification: Draco/Aero-dracoforme/ Dracorexidae/ Dracorexus/D. idraigoxus Size: 75’ (23m) Wingspan: 100- (30m) Weight: 30,000 lbs (13620kg) Recognition: Bright red markings on males (subtler on females); nasal and chin horn on

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

LSH EXPEDITION lilL Range of the Welsh Dragon \ map shows the known dragon lairs in northern Wales. o' WALES \ : departing Trondheim, Norway, Conceil and I set off to Northern Wales. Landing in Cardiff, we transported our ves by way of the British rail system through the beaut i fill

OR Welsh Cane This cane was presented to Sir Geoffreys greatgrandfather in 1899 by Edward, Prince of Wales, future King Edward VII of England. This prized family heirloom has passed from father to son for three generations. The head of the cane is a claw from a dragon hunted by the prince and

Sir Geoffrey explained to us during our expedition a great ral about the biology of the Welsh red dragon. While it is ic that the Welsh red is the rarest of the western dragons, its protected status for hundreds of years under the protec -of the royal crown has allowed the animal to survive. Like

^ i L £ j i . L\i P* Color Variations Like other dragons, the Welsh red dragon has a wide variation of patterns and colors between male and female. The frills and horns of the male are absent in the female, as are the bright markings that become deeper in the fall. Welsh Red Dragon Juvenile

"dragon on the moor" The great Welsh red dragon ot folklore and history is by tar the most famous within the Dracorexidae family of drag-. Although the red dragons do not have as large a range the white and blue dragons and are far rarer (estimated than 200 remaining), they hold the distinctions

Dragon Songs Welsh red dragons bellow deep sonorous songs that can be heard over tong miles. This helps them to navigate among other dragons even when visibility is low. Wings as Protection The large sail-like wings of dragons are filled with blood vessels. Lying in the warm sun, even on a cold

It Perhaps nowhere else in the world is the land so intertwined with its dragons as in Wales. Wales is synonymous with dragons, and the Welsh red dragon is emblazoned on their Hag and woven into their national mythology, i' The dragons had very little contact with humans until the ['English

WeUk Rzd Siyktmys Here are a few of the sketches of the Welsh red dragon from our treks through the Trcnadog Royal Dragon Trust. 69,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

Welsh Red Dragon Working in my studio, I used sketchbooks of studies from our trip to Wales to develop a painting of the Welsh red dragon. My first memory was of its bright fire displays. I knew that this painting would need to be dominated by the dramatic fire light. Here is a list of aspects of

2 Establish the Underpainting Refine the drawing in grayscale to render the dragon's form. In this early stage. I include a large fireball as a major compositional element. Establish the form and value of the lighting and light effects. 71,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые

r Intensify the Light Source Surrounding your light source with a field of darker, more muted colors makes it appear even brighter. In this example you can see why dragons use fire to communicate over great distances. At night, these beacons can be seen for miles, turning a simple sketch into a

4 Establish the Colors Apply 50% opaque Normal mode layer over the painting to establish the local colors of the elements. Choosing complemen tary colors for this image is quite obvious-. A red dragon and a bright yellow fireball dictate a dark purple and green background. This creates both color

TUTORIAL: PRACTICE LIGHTING WITH SCULPTURE Practice and study sculpture to better understand the behavior of light and shadow on objects. When you are stumped on how a certain object should look under particular lighting, work from a model. I have a collection of toy monsters and dinosaurs that

6 Add the Finishing Touches Rendering the little details is the hardest but most important part of finishing a painting. At times it can be daunting, but the rewards are well worth it. As I often told Conceit along our expedition when he would grumble, the difference between a professional and an

 LIGURIAN DRAGON Dracorexus cinqaterrus SPECIFICATIONS Classification: Draco/Aero-dracoforme/ Dracorexidae/ Dracorexus/D.cinqaterrus Wingspan: 25' (8m) Weight: 2.500 lbs. (1135kg) Recognition: Gray-silver markings on males with bright lavender-violet during mating season: subtler colors on

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

Ligurian Expedition cold of northern European climates that Conceil have traveled since we left America, the warm and sunny coast of Italy, known as the Cinque Terre, was a wel come change. After departing northern Wales and spend-everal days in London, our journey took us southward Italy to

 IXQl AND J UE ENVIRON! LIGURIA A'iosso Monte Gagnant TALY Map of the Cinque Terre, Italy Italian and Ligurian Rags Liguria Is a region in northern Italy containing the province of La Spezia. pp 1 If* Wy,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

Biology ’vf; The Ligurian gray dragon is not only the rarest but also the most biologically different of all of the Great Dragons. It is > also the only dragon species that has more than live supra-metacarpals in its wings. A total of ten metacarpal bones radiate out from the radius and ulna

Ligurian Gray Dragon Male Overhead, Wingspan 25' (8m) The coloring on the male ranges from pale silver to vibrant purple. Ligurian Gray Dragon Female Overhead, Wingspan 25' (8m) The mottled brown tones of the female allow her to camouflage into the rocky cliffs. Ligurian Gray Dragon Egg, 6"

terranean Seas (ACCBAMS), in 1998 the population of porpoises in these waters had dropped 99 percent since 1950 (from 1 million to 10,000). In the late 20th century, drastic measures were taken to protect cetaceans living in the Mediterranean. 'I he Pelagos Marine Sanctuary, formerly the Ligurian

Sunbathing Gray Dragon The Mediterranean sun helps the warm themselves. Feeding Frenzy The relatively small teeth of the gray dragon are used to grasp the fish that it feeds upon. ATTENTZIONE! Non Somministrare i Dragoni Do Not Feed The Dragons Ne Pas Nourrir ies Dragons No se Alimentan los

History Based upon documents from earlier studies and depictions in scientific journals from as early as the 17th century, it is believed that the Ligurian gray dragon has shrunk in size almost 30 percent. With the depletion of marine mammals, the gray has needed to change its feeding habits from

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

 Gray Dragon of the Ligurian dragon is quite different others. Revisiting my sketchbooks and notes, I of the exquisite colors present on the Italian Here is an itemization of the qualities I want to include to best illustrate this dragon: • Elaborate head frills • Elongated and sinuous body

 555 2 Complete the Preliminary Computer Sketch Whether you are working in a traditional or digital medium, the process of drawing is the same. Beginning the work with large general shapes allows the drawing to come into focus slowly and broadly. The image is in grayscale at this point so as to

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

5 Add Color Start painting the first new layer. Set at 50% opacity Normal layer using bright colors on a broad loose allows you to establish local colors individual objects. Keep it loose and fast. Separating this with a new layer allows you to make changes or experiment with colors without

6 Lay In Shadows Create a new 50% opacity Multiply mode layer, and lay a loose glaze of shadows. This technique is a holdover from an oil painting technique where you lay In a colored glaze in order to reestablish the forms and light after the initial color underpainting. 7 Refine the Background

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

Crimean Expedition Departing from the sunny and bright climate of northern Italy, Conceil and 1 began the next leg of our expedition to one of the most mysterious dragon regions of the world— the Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula. Here we studied the least understood of the Great Dragons, the

Range of the Crimean Black Dragon CRIMEAN BLACK DRAGON К p иMс ь к i Ч о p н о г о Дракона Historical Range Present Range,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

Crimean black dragon is fairly small by comparison to some of its Great Dragon cousins, usually being no more than 25' (8m) long with a 50' (15m) wingspan. There are, however, rumors that during the height of the War, Soviet scientists at the Dracotechnikal Institute were bioengineering

 м¡ж£т£ма£к6а Crimean Black Dragon Male Overhead, Wingspan 50’ (15m) Crimean Black Dragon Female Overhead, Wingspan 50' (15m) Crimean Black Dragon Head The distinctive profile of the Crimean black dragon's head varies by individual and more greatly between families. Both the male and female

 Behavior The Crimean black dragon once ted upon the legendary sturgeon that grew to extraordinary sizes, but the diminishing sea life of the region has caused the dragon to diminish in both size and numbers. The Crimean black dragon was at one time a common sight as far west as the Carpathian

Crimean Lair Before the 20th century. Crimean black dragons made their lairs in the craggy seashores of the Black. Caspian and Azov Seas and fed upon the giant sturgeon that once populated the waterways. Today Crimean black dragons in the wild are extremely rare as their diet of sturgeon and

tl imean peninsula has been one of the most bitterly over pieces of geography in history, from the Greeks Romans to the Ottoman lurks. In 1854, the Crimean War between the Russians and the French ravaged the area, in WWII Crimea was sought after by both the Russians and the Germans. Both

Wartime Propaganda Soviet-era propaganda poster featuring the Crimean dragon. Courtesy of the Simferopol Historical Society. Simferopol Dracodrome 1960s U2 photograph of the Simferopol Dracodrome. Courtesy of the United States Army.,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

Black Dragon on a painting of the Crimean dragon requires ging together all of my field sketches and notes into a illustration. To begin, I catalogue all the elements that dragon embodies: Aerodynamic body Black markings Rugged Crimean landscape Create a Thumbnail Sketch Working from my

3 Continue Rendering the Sketch Drawing and painting is not a stepty-step process, but rather an evolution. The painting grows and changes as you work. I do not have a fully formed image in my head of the finished drawing when I begin work. Think of your work like a lump of clay that can be

TUTORIAL: PERSPECTIVE Perspective is the artistic illusion of making objects appear to recede into the distance. There are essentially three kinds of perspective—linear perspective, atmospheric perspective and foreshortening. In painting the Crimean black dragon, I combined all three techniques

5 Continue Developing Background Details Continue refining the background elements until the necessary detail has been achieved. It is much easier to work out these details now than having to alter the painting at a later stage. 6 Set the Base Color Once you're satisfied with the rendering,

8 Establish Shadows Add a 50% opacity Multiply mode layer over this to create a quick shadow layer to help unify the lighting and form. 9 Refine Background Elements Working on the background in a new 100% opacity Normal layer, render the green details of the shore and light tones of the castle,

Ю Refine the Focal Point Refine the detail and contrast of the focal point: the dragon's face. Even in this tight fragment the use of all three perspective tools is apparent. The final rendering of the dragon takes time and patience. Here the paint brushes become very small and the paint becomes

Chinese Dragon & Dracorexus cathidaeus Classification: Draco/Aero-dracoforme/Dracorexidae/ Dracorexus/ D.cath idaeus Size: 50 (15m) Wingspan: 100' (30m) Weight: 1.0.000 lbs (4,550kg) Recognition: Broad narrow wing with only one elongated supra-metacarpal; yellow-gold markings vary by

драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

ese Expedition We, however, were not headed for the rural mountains of China; we went directly into one of the most polluted areas of the world, the Bohai Economic Rim, perhaps the largest industrial center on the planet. The Bohai is estimated to be home to over 100 million humans—more than the

Quinhuangdao Kvn i Dalian Dragon Kork Longkou VC'cihai Yantai Shunghj BO IIA 1 DRAGON SANCTUARY M I Ö $ K ( IN A ItijiiiMt Dandong Beijing Rohm S cj 1 cl low Sect £ c»<*a\ ngdao Russia Mongolia ■Bf China (Wit, 111 U,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые

food, the Chinese yellow dragon is known to soar for days, ranging far from its lair in the search for food. Its massive glider wings enable the dragon to achieve astounding altitudes, soaring on the Pacific jet stream as high as 25,000 feet (7,600m) and reachingas far as the Hawaiian Islands.

Mane and Facial Features The distinctive mane of the Chinese yellow dragon is thought to be used as a courtship charm. The thick mane, a mixture of fur and elongated scales, grows more ornate and full on the males as they get older. The nasal horn, unique to the males, also grows more prominent

a lush and beautiful land, the Bohai Sea is now completely dead, destroyed by pollution and overpopulation. With an active oil drilling industry in the Bohai and Yellow Seas adding to the environ-atal impact, the Chinese yellow dragons food source been depleted for nearly 50 years. The Chinese

Traveling in the Bohai Sanctuary Access to Tong Long Huo is limited to charted tours aboard boats like this one. Fortunately, we were granted special access by the Bohai Dragon Sanctuary. Tong Long Huo In 2003, Tong Long Huo became the first living creature to became a World Heritage Site. The

History The dragons of Asia, and specifically China, have been linked to cultural, national and religious identity since recorded history. Nowhere else in the world is the dragon treated with such universal reverence. In parts of China the people sometimes even refer to themselves as “the i

 Yellow Dragon Head Variations There are more than 30 documented species of yellow dragons on the Asian continent and adjoining islands. As you can see from these different heads, yellow dragon depictions vary greatly. Chinese Statue Dragons represent good fortune and statues like this one are

DEMONSTRATION Chinese Yellow Dragon 1 Develop Thumbnail Sketches . Sketch the Chinese yellow dragon in various poses to find a design that will best demonstrate its unique attributes. accumulated during my expedition to China. Using these sketches as my guidelines I can begin to create an

3 Carve the Shapes Use an Eraser tool or white paint to cut hack into shapes, moving back and forth with positive and negative spaces until you are satisfied with the composition. 2 Establish the Underpainting in a new layer at 100% opacity. Multiply mode, use a variety of texture brushes and a

Digital Painting Desktop ► This is an example of how I display all the windows that I use most frequently. I prefer to keep my palette and toolboxes on my left, a habit of being left-handed and also a traditional painter for so many years. All of the layers are named so I can keep track of them.

5 Create Local Color Create a new layer and begin establishing the semiopaque local color. In traditional painting, this would be a color wash. Digitally. this can be achieved by toggling the layer opacity. 41,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

and Layers TUTORIAL: DIGITAL PAINTING WITH MODES With the layering feature, you can paint each stage of a painting on its own layer (like an acetate overlay sheet), then control each layer independently. In Photoshop, create a new layer by choosing Layer menu > New to set each layer to any of

Tutorial: Opacity and modes Overlaying different parts of the painting using layer image. Scan an interesting texture and experiment opacity and layer mode can dramatically alter your with opacity and modes in Photoshop. Step A I begin by importing a grayscale scan of texture from my texture

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7 Add the Finishing Touches In the final stage of the painting, add finishing touches to the focal point—the head shooting fire. Thin opaque brushstrokes using strong contrasts and rich colors help tighten the rendenng.,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

SPECIFICATIONS Classification: Draco/Aero-dracoforme/Dracorexidae/ Dracorexus/D. klallaminus Wingspan: 85' (26m) Weight: 20.000 lbs. (9000kg) Recognition: Mottled brown and tan markings: broad face with short muzzle: twin forked tail Habitat: Northwestern North American coastal regions

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Expedition eparting China for the final leg of our expedition, Con-ceil and I arrived safely in Seattle to complete our circum-of the globe in search of dragons. From Seattle, nceil and I continued our trek by traveling onward to the city of Port Angeles on the border of Olympic National Park and

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Elwah brown dragon is one of the most distinctive of the Dracorexidae family. 'I he broad face and muzzle that give the dragon its uncanny resemblance an owl has the same function as its avian relative. The broad cone of the dragons face acts as a sound amplifier focusing subtle noise into the

Elwah Brown Dragon Egg, 12" (30cm) Elwah Brown Dragon Hatchlings A clutch of Elwah brown dragon eggs usually consists of 2 to 6 hatchlings. Elwah Brown Dragon Skull The skull of the Elwah brown dragon shows the large cranial and olfactory spaces that allow the dragon to hunt in the thick fog

untouched Pacific coast ol I? as far south as: OR The Klwah brown dragon is the newest of the Great Dragon ecies to be discovered and studied by western naturalists, owed the brown dragon to remain relatively by human interference for most of its history, ating a very healthy habitat for the

 Elwah Brown Dragon Nest The Elwah brown dragon is a social animal. Like its avian cousins, it will care for its young until they are old enough to leave the lair. Here a male has brought a harbor seal to a dragonlmg born earlier that spring. Elwah Brown Dragon Territory Like other Great

History Although the Elwah brown dragon has been known by the Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest for millennia, the first European account of the brown dragon took place in 1778. Captain Cooks third circumnavigation of the world brought his ship HMS Resolution to Vancouver Island for

Elwah Pottery, circa 18th Century Reconstruction of a brown dragon depicted on Native American pottery. Courtesy of the Ehvah Dragon Sanctuary Research Center. The Elwah Brown Dragon Dance The Elwah Dragon Sanctuary Research Center features traditional brown dragon dances. TrtJurf to

 DRAGON 1 Create a Thumbnail Sketch Create a series of thumbnail sketches to help you settle on the pose and features you want to include in your piece. This is an important part of the planning process, so don’t overlook it. from our expedition, I begin a new painting of Elwah brown dragon

 2 Complete Preliminary Value Sketch For this painting, I decided to take one of the sketches that I did in the field as my design. Using a flatbed scanner I imported the drawing into a new grayscale Photoshop file: File > Import > Select > Scanner. Using broad flat brushes, l roughed in the

TUTORIAL: CREATING TEXT ~ Texture is an artistic term that ranges across all the disciplines and creative pursuits. Whether discussing the texture of a piece of music, sculpture, food or even landscape design, texture is a tangible, tactile quality that gives a work its dimension. Whether you

 3Tone and Texture After altering the landscape design to include a small Elwah hatchling. I begin considering my colors. Changing the image mode to RGB. I use color balance to shift from black and white to warm browns. Since this image will be almost monochromatic. I try to concentrate on the

it 4 Develop the Background and Facial Features Developing the image with a limited color palette forces me to rely on brush textures and contrast. Subtle tones of brown differentiate the forms. Cool browns with hints of blue define the stone, green-hued tones define the trees, while the dragon

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Dragon Taxonomic Chart PENNADRACOFORME (Feathered Dragon!:) ORCADRACOFORME (Marine Dragons) - QUETZECOATYLIDAE DRACIMEXIDAE (Coatyls) CETUSIDAE (Feydragons) (Sea Lions) WYVERIDAE DRAGONIGUILLIDAE (Wyverns) (Sea Serpents) VOLUCRISIDAE (Dragonettes) AMPHIPTERIDAE (Amphitere)

CLASS ORDER * FAMILY GENUS SPECIES,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

Dragon Anatomy All eight species of Great Dragons within the family Draco-rexidae have a similar anatomy. This is what defines them as a group. All the species have six limbs, hollow bones, binocular vision and an elongated tail. First classified in the v Systcma Naturae in 1735 by Carl Linnaeus.

Dragon Foot The dragon claws serve multiple functions: grappling prey, teanng. as well as agile climbing along the cliffs of its home. Dragon Eye All Great Dragons possess powerful eyesight that functions both penpherally and bmocularty. Their eyes are small, and bony ridges above and below the

Appendix 3 Dragon Flight A mystery that has surrounded Great Dragons for centuries has always been their ability to fly. How such a massive creature is able to become airborne mystified scientists and biologists until the 18th century when dragon llight was studied and understood. Some early

in order to create velocity. This practice is also seen in large species of birds like the albatross. Most of the Great Dragons will stay grounded during periods of low wind. Dragons never allow themselves to land in low country or heavily forested regions where the winds and/or their wingspan

Dragon Poses To better understand dragon art and to portray dragons realistically, it is necessary to understand the fundamental poses of dragons. Established for use in heraldry during the medieval period, there are eight standard poses that art referred to throughout this book. They are as

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Л &r<J Ÿotdt-i \Y OR U) К X RK DI T ION,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

NORGE CHINA INDIA rsiu*UW WDPF World Protect i V C=’ *° A A FI. iICA «♦«HaN, ^^-—-Ss i ~T i,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

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Composition: A general term regarding the arrangement of forms and elements in an artistic work. Contrast: The juxtaposition of opposing qualities in elements (e.g., black vs. white, rough vs. smooth, straight vs. curved, blue vs. orange). Countershading: The transitioning of an object's value

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INDEX Acadia. 14-15 . Acadian green dragon. 12-13 • behavior. 18-19 ' . biolog>’. 16-17 demonstration. 22-27 flying displays. 19 habitat. 18 ! history. 20-21 , ' mating dances. 19 names. 13 plumage. 17 range of. 14 sleeping pose. 19 Adobe Photoshop. 10.25,39,122. See afso Brushes, digital:

Lighting effects, 71-72 Liguria, 78-79,82 Ligurian gray dragon, 76-77 behavior. 82-83 biology, 80-81 demonstration. 86-91 frills, face and neck. 80,85 history. 84-85 names. 76 sunbathing. 83 teeth. 83 wings. 81 Lines directional. 56 working with. 24 Materials, for drawing, 8-9 Medieval stave

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Photo by Conceil Delacroix Dracopedia The Great Dragons. Copyright 2012 by William O’Connor. Manufactured in China. All rights reserved. No part ofthis book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without

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ACADIAN GREEN DRAGON Dracorexus acadius,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

SCANDINAVIAN BLUE DRAGON Dracorexus sotijenjjorclus CELANDIC I IT E DRAGON trexus reykjavikus LIGURIAN GRAY DRAGON Dracorexus ligurius WELSH RED DRAGON Dracorexus idraigoxus DRAGONS OF THE WORLD,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

ID CRIMEAN BLACK ' A DRAGON Dracorexus crimeus CHINESE YELLOW DRAGON Dracorexus cathidaeus,драконы,длиннопост,длинный длиннопост,art,арт,красивые картинки

 , ' I An artists Field Guide to the world’s Great Dragons! CREATURES OF GREAT BEAUTY and terrible ferocity, dragons have been feared and revered for centuries. Of the thousand-plus species still in existence, none have inspired more folklore and artistic awe than the eight species of Great

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