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I can not understand why ligarde are rare . After I began to ride it I realized how comfortable and fast it is even where a recumbent bike is inferior to the usual one in cross country you can still drive if you are not an extreme rider who does not need the road in General.

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Recumbents have it's own downsides. If your trail is a little bit bumpier than you have on your video, you have a problem. If you have any kind of obstacle in your way, you have a problem. You can not use your feet to dampen the hit when rolling over a bump, you are very limited in body weight control, some people have their legs and butt numb after a long ride, and you can forget about bunny hops for sure. Also i can see how they are better in terms of fall damage - you are closer to the ground, your head is in the back of the vehicle and the center of mass is much lower. But in the most situations you can not just hop off the bike safely like on the conventional bike.

But if your track is as flat as a table and you don't have to get off a bike every minute to get past the curbs or maneuver too much because of the high traffic, i guess it's a cool thing to try. But honestly as far as i know majority of the people who use them are either can not ride the usual ones because of health issues or just want to try a new cool thing, like it was for the fatbikes (and the latest are mostly regretting their choice).
I agree with your arguments. I think this is how to compare a sports car with an SUV, both vyryanta are good in their field and lose in the opposite)
Качество-то уг
Первый раз вижу такие байки, вроде выглядит интирестно до того как кончится ровная дорога, похоже что спина будет получать все неровности, на привычном велосипеде ноги неплохо ароматизируют удары, и непонятно насколько на нём будет тяжело продлевать подъёмы.
Yes, you are almost right, if there is no amartisation, then the bumps are actually transmitted to the rider as well as if you were riding a normal bike without rising while standing on the pedal. but in this case, you can also get up from the chair . On my seat, I can rest on the pedals and the back of the seat to lift up from the seat, and it's like you lift your legs on a regular bike . this is not so comfortable but still increases the stability of the ride . In General I have already said that such a bike is still more developed for asphalt although many YouTube videos and the journey of Tim Cope and Chris Heatherly convince me otherwise)
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